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Whenever you need it.

In-person and Telepsychiatry


New Feature: Subscription Services

Out-of-Network/Self-pay Rates

15min - free consultation 

New patient scheduling: $50 deposit

Comprehensive evaluation: $349 (typically 60 mins)

Follow up/Medication management: $200

 (typically 30 mins) 

New Feature: Supplements

Fullscript gives my patients convenient, 24/7 access to top-quality supplements and features to help them stay on track with their wellness goals. It’s easy. I send a recommendation to their device, they purchase supplements, and Fullscript ships the products to their front doors. Fullscript also sends helpful educational content and refill reminders.


All payments are due prior to the time of service. 

We do not bill or file insurance. This allows us to collaborate with you personally without restrictions from insurance companies and the number of visits, duration, aim, or diagnosis. If the patient chooses to file a claim, you can inquire about your "out-of-network" (OON) benefits with your insurance.

Subscription Services: HSA cards, FlexSpending, and all types of debit & credit cards are accepted.


Out of Network

Many insurance companies will reimburse "out-of-network" providers' services. After each visit, Dr. Huggins will provide a superbill at your request. This allows the patient to submit insurance claims directly. We will provide you with the appropriate billing information & documentation for reimbursement purposes.


Please check with your insurance provider. Questions you may ask:

AO strives to be a safe zone for everyone.


How do I book an appointment?

WELCOME! Click here to join the waitlist! After your form is submitted, we will review your form and be in touch within 72 hours. Once you are confirmed for an appointment, there is a $50.00 deposit due for new patient scheduling. This allows us to properly and thoroughly prepare for your appointment. If your appointment is cancelled without a day's notice, the deposit will not be refund.

What can I expect at my appointment?

After you receive confirmation of your appointment, you will receive an email to complete your new patient forms. You will be able to complete them digitally, so there's no need print and sign them.  Download the Osmind app to view your patient content. Each appointment starts with a short, grounding meditation. Please note, your payment is due prior to your appointment. If you are unable to make the appointment, please give a 24 hour notice for a full refund.

Where do I park for my appointments?

There is free parking in the office's parking lot. There is also easy access into the building. There is also a cozy waiting area, if you are early.

What are your hours?

Sunday: Closed

Monday - Saturday: by appointment only

What if I am late?

We understand that things come up, however, we can only see you for the allotted time of your appointment. This allows us to stay on schedule for all patients. If you are more than 10 mins late for your appointment, this will result in a $50.00 dollar rescheduling/cancellation fee. Please arrive 10 mins early to help you with peace of mind.

What is your no-show/cancellation policy?

Please be mindful of your time. Their may be someone on the waitlist, so please give at least 24-hour notice if you need to cancel. Failing to give a 24 hour notice will result in a $50.00 cancellation fee. If you no-show for your appointment, you will be billed 100% for the cost of your appointment. 

What is a Superbill?

Essentially, it's an itemized list of all of the services provided at your appointment. Your insurance my require it for reimbursement for your appointments.

Do you see children?

We are able to see patient throughout the lifespan (toddler to geriatric), however, we specialize in adolescent to adulthood.